Monday, January 26, 2009


Welcome all to what I like to call my own corner of space, which happens to deal all about outer space and just everything that is happening in our sky.

Why do I choose this space?
The sky is a big deal to me. Tampering with it since I was five has awoken a certain kind of curiosity that only ceases if fed by information.

How it all began?

My father is to blame, he’s the one who allowed me to take a peak at my late grandfather’s telescope, where one summer night I carefully stood behind it , and carefully with one hand covered my left eye and let the other position itself on the side of an instrument,I later thought to be some magical object that allowed me to see things so very close. As always my father played the narrator/space commander , he kept telling me to look in cardinal directions which at that time I didn’t seem to know the difference between east or west, but I did understand that where ever he pointed to was always a new star constellation waiting to be seen. To me this was the best time in fact a time where I got to see the universe at it’s brightest.

The story behind the telescope?

When my grandfather first came to Miami in the late 1960s he decided to go shopping for something that would allow him to feel better while being away from his homeland. His idea was that if he bought a telescope he would see the same sky as he would in Cuba, and because he missed his birthplace so much the only way to feel psychologically close was to magnify the night sky which according to him "No matter where you go, we all share the same sky, something that no matter how far away from home you are it will always feel the same." He always said "I left my home, clothes, and memories but, I took the sky with me where ever I went".

So to sum up: My purpose here is to bring forth all that is happening in our universe today. Exclusively this year marks Galileo’s 400th anniversary of Astronomical discoveries. In unison the world will celebrate his many discoveries and contributions of such an extensive field that allowed for us to see the skies wonders through a steel tube.

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  1. "Tampering with it since I was five has awoken a certain kind of curiosity that only ceases if fed by information." A quote from your open. Yet in my mind (and I’m sure in your own, as well as others) Information does not only not cease to inspire curiosity, but on the contrary, I feel that it fuels the hunger within, to learn and witness the cosmos in all of its majestic beauty and wonder. When looking at the stars with someone dear with their hand in yours, is there any feeling more powerful yet scary you can think of? The almost insignificance of our existence in the grand scope of things in the universe. Such a joy to experience and its free to all. An amazing gift we are given this view of the heavens, and lets not waste it. You have the right idea Vani. Keep us informed. I yearn for the visual feast that is yet to be consumed by these eyes. I am more than inspired to go out and buy a telescope to search the depths of the universe for these free treasures, from things as simple as our moon to quasars and other anomalies in our nights sky.

  2. You have to do with the wonders of astronomy.

    nice posting.. have to do with the wonders of astronomy. Wishing you a very Happy day Saturday and give smile

  3. It's really sweet that you're upholding a family tradition. Watching the skies is a beautiful pastime and I look forward to reading more blogs about your adventures discovering the universe. :)