Monday, February 2, 2009


As I have decided , Mondays will be the day of the week in which I only will feed all of you with the most current planetary exploration and findings that have made it to today’s top headlines.

Today it’s all about MARS & Robotic Life in the Martian Arctic.


NASA and Their Phoenix mission has sent a spacecraft to test Mar’s icy surface.


To determine if under such conditions exists a possibility of survival.


It all lies in the whether or not Phoenix will survive for any longer under such extreme cold conditions. Nasa is uncertain of the experiments outcome, the only thing they know is that :
it only depends on how the spacecraft's system can really handle low energy supply and the harsh conditions of something that apparently is categorized to be the worst of winter something I like to call the big bad Martian.

One sample Fact includes the following theory:
The colder the temperatures, the more limited sun light eventually will diminish the energy available to the Phoenix robot in order to complete its operations.

Ultimate Goal?

The big question will be what happens when Phoenix emerges on the other side of winter?
Well because this place is so cold I can surely say the poor robot will eventually freeze and the only strand of hope lies in whether:
This such object can live up to its name and come back to life when spring brings back the sun. What do you think?

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