Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events Events Events!

Good Morning Star Gazers have I got a treat for you all!
April and May happened to be approaching and the series of Astronomy events that will be taking place are endless. For starters we have:

Thu, 4/2/2009

100 hours of Astronomy

Taking place in:
Blue Back Square
Memorial Road
West Hartford, New England, CT 06107
United States

7:30 - 9:30 pm

Admission Fees
There is no pre-registration or cost for this event.

What is there to do?
Drop by the plaza between Barnes & Noble and the Noah Webster Public Library in Blue Back Square on the evening of April 2. Join thousands of people around the world as we all look through telescopes as Galileo did 400 years ago.

Want more information? Visit this website:

Fri, 4/17/2009

Astronomy and Owl Prowl

Roaring Brook Nature Center
70 Gracey Road
Canton, New England, CT 06107
United States

7:30 - 9:30 pm
Admission Fees
$8/person for Nature Center/ TCM Members, $10/ person for non-members.
To register, call 860.231.2830 x44 or e-mail

What is there to do?
Join staff from the Travelers Science Dome at the Gengras Planetarium for a look at the spring sky. Following a brief discussion and astronomy project in the Nature Center auditorium, Nature Center staff will conduct a walk through the woods to open fields where we'll use telescopes to observe the heavens. As an added bonus, you will be looking and listening for owls along the way, as well as discussing the nesting habits of the Barred Owls that often breed in that part of the woods.

Thu, 4/23/2009 - Sun, 4/26/2009

Georgia Sky View - A Stellar Event

Indian Springs State Park - Camp McIntosh
678 Lake Clark Road
Flovilla, GA 30216
United States

Admission Fees
$45.00 per person registration (a little expensive but worth it)

Whats there to do?

The Flint River Astronomy Club will host its fifth annual Star Party on April 23rd, 24th,25th, and 26th - 2009
Camp McIntosh - Indian Springs Park
(near Jackson, GA)

Saturday April 25

Times: 6:00-11:00 Pm

The Dark Sky Festival at Harmony


3500 Harmony Square Drive West
Harmony, FL 34773

Whats there to see?

This is a special event its rather close to me and I will be attending:)
as for whats to see well lets just put it this way this location was featured as a cover story in the National Geographic of November 2008 http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/11/light-pollution/klinkenborg-text for being one of the least light polluted cities in all of the Unites States. Now I encourage every one in my area to go it will be amazing, from interacting with the pros to viewing all sorts of cosmic images. The crowd is family oriented so bring grandma, grandpa, kids, aunts, uncles its for every generation.

Lastly I would like to mention a reminder to everyone please Note in your calendars that National Astronomy Day is Saturday May 2,2009!

Well that's it for now thanks for following and as I always say
Keep looking up!


  1. Amen sister...damn I wish I were smart enough to be an astronomer.

  2. Hey Brian how are ya? Thanks for stopping by. As for being smart enough the possibilities are endless. I’m sure you can be an astronomer too if ya put your mind to it,
    and if you really like it anything is possible. :)
    Hope to hear more from you soon. If ya want to keep up with my updates follow my blog. Thanks again and nice to meet ya, as I always say to all don’t forget to keep looking up.