Friday, July 8, 2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis- NASA's Final Launch is this the End?

And so the ending of the Space Era is marked with this final flight for NASA. Could this be the end of Space exploration? I reallly and truly do not think so. My opinion on the matter is that our Country is seeing some serious economic issues and sadly our Space Exploration program costs so much, and there is really no way to make it any more inexpensive. As I mentioned I know this will change, I have faith we will still find funds, we are America, where everyone here lives the dream, of progress, building and creating! We will get over this and be sending our men and women farther than the moon!
I felt it was very important for me today to make a small appearance in my long abandoned Astronomy blog because, this subject is very important to me. I truly wish to keep actively contributing all of my knowledge to those readers who were once actively reading and contributing to the many topics I would discuss. It has been very hard for me to keep up, I have been working on my graduate degree that God willing I will complete this December.
I want to thank you all for still continuing to follow this blog and please know I promise to come in once and while and share a few tid bits here and there as I used to.

with much love, As usual Keep looking up!


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