Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buying a Telescope?

Good Wednesday to all, As I mention in my last post I promised to bring to you the best of the best telescopes that are tops this year. But, Before I get into that wonderful list I would like to get more into depth with the process of buying a telescope that is right for you.
When purchasing a telescope it is important to keep in mind that you really don’t have to spend all your life savings on the next Hubble. What really should be taken to consideration is to choose a telescope that enhances your leisure time and will eventually make the whole experience worthwhile.

To begin its good to know first what to look for when buying a telescope.
Always know that the objective of your telescope is to increase the angular size of far-off objects as well as make their brightness well focused.

If ya Can't Really dig the idea of buying a telescope…
Get yourself an optical telescope which can be used both in astronomy as well as in non-astronomical instruments some of these are:
spotting scopes
Camera lenses

How to use them?
Once you know what’s best for you start by finding out which of these are the most user friendly up until what kind of stuff you really want to see through them which can also make a large difference, it sets ya up for a more complicated scope if ya want to see more.

Now for the list of Telescopes that made it the top of the lists you will see next time as I am still researching on which are considered to be the best, so far I am creating categories like best telescopes for beginners, and best used by astronomers themselves.
See you soon and keep looking up…

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